Inspired by a vibrant inner world and a life immersed in various musical environments, Ryan's musical creations draw from an array of sound worlds. What makes Ryan's work sought after by his colleagues is an acute sense of style, heartfelt nostalgia, and an inspiring air of curiosity and wonder. This energy is what has led to his collaborations as a pianist with American Ballet Theatre, Dance Theatre Harlem, The Martha Graham School, and others. Ryan continues to deepen his creative vitality through travel, experimentation, and dedicated spiritual exploration.  


Listening to adept church musicians as a small child opened the door to an expedition into classical music that would last a lifetime. Fantastical film and video game scores fostered further adventure into Jazz and traditional music from cultures around the world. Later in life, the discovery of meaningful spiritual practices such as Zen would provoke more depth and a naturalist quality while maintaining a spirit of buoyancy in Ryan's music. The heroic themes from childhood video games and harmonius sounds of lakes high in the mountains all offer some of their spirit in Ryan's music.

What's Happening?      

Ryan continues his collaborations with numerous dance groups around New York City and has recently broke ground on a unique feature-length documentary score with Overland Media. Ryan is also working on his first round of solo projects to be released for listening on Spotify and other streaming services. Ryan has just returned from a summer spent traveling around Brazil and Uruguay followed by a retreat up to the Catskill mountains performing, writing, gathering inspiration and cultivating new creative connections.